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Ecobaby nappies

These are natural nappies without bleach or nasty chemicals in them. They are a natural colour, biscuit like. They are really absorbent and last a long time. They even keep smells in better than any other nappies I've tried. We've been using them 6 years on all 3 of our children and have to say, they are the best nappies we've ever used. You can order them online at and they send free samples to try before you buy. Good for the environment too as they decompose very quickly and they deliver to your door so you don't have to lug big boxes of nappies home from the shop! Happy days!!
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jasmine12, ,
can eco nappies b composted?
sunshineorla, ,
I used these for a while and found them really good and the company are very good about ringing you and getting your deliveries out to you. The only thing is they are a bit expensive. I changed over to the boots eco nappies which are a lot cheaper and are kind to the envionment. They are a really good nappy and very absorbent. A few times I was caught short and tried p*****s and h****es and I cannot believe how bad these brands are. The absorbency was awful compared to the eco nappies in Boots. They do specials on these nappies every so often ( 2 for 15 euro) so you get even better deals and you also get the points on them with the boots card which really add up. I think that all the other nappies should be banned and only have eco nappies on the market. How hard would that be to implement??? Think there should be a campaign!!!! Check out these nappies for yourself. I tell everyone about them and everyone so far has hanged over and found them much better to use. Jesus ,I should be on commission ;-)

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