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30 April 2016 Love Furniture Love Furniture is the concept of one man. Here's where you can find out more about Eunan's goal to build the best online furniture store in Ireland.
30 April 2016 CA Coaching Allen O’Donoghue is a professional coach, trainer and facilitator with 15 years of experience in youth and family development. His specialist knowledge and understanding of family dynamics has supported hundreds of young people and adults in building better relationships.
30 October 2015 Dance City Dance city has grown into a major supplier of dancewear and footwear used by beginners, champions, amateurs and professionals from all over the world. It is a paradise cave for all dance enthusiasts of all ages, stocking everything from Ballet, Ballroom, Tap, Gymnastics & Irish Dancing. With Zumba, Salsa, Sean Nós & Set Dancing becoming popular as fitness classes, its never been so important for us to offer an exceptional service to help our customers find the right dancing footwear.
2 December 2015 Tutors Ireland is Ireland's newest and fastest growing online database of grinds tutors and students. It connects students with tutors and vice versa. Unlike other similar websites they provides all of the contact information one need needs to organize grinds without need for registration and freely.
20 March 2010 Irish Premature Babies Every year in Ireland over 4000 babies are born preterm. Irish Premature Babies is a voluntary organisation set up by parents who have all have preterm babies. Our main objective is to support parents who have prematur babies and represent their welfare and raise some funds the NICU's around Ireland.
3 March 2010 Support for Multiples The Irish Multiple Births Association provide support for parents expecting multiples or who have multiples.
13 November 2009 Emergency Service Workers Forum This is a dedicated forum for all members of the emergency services and those just interested in this line of work. It also provides a unique oppurtunity for those within the Emergency Services to join a secure forum to discuss any and all concerns or just chat with other verified members in confidence. If you know someone or work within the Emergency Service field please log in and get involved.
10 September 2009 Friends of Breastfeeding Friends of Breastfeeding works to ensure that women in Ireland achieve their desired breastfeeding experience. We network to connect women in Ireland who want to breastfeed with their local support system. We work to build communities of supportive friends, family and health professionals - “friends” of breastfeeding.
27 August 2009 AIMS Ireland (Association for Improvement in the Maternity Services) The Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services, Ireland is a consumer led voluntary organisation that was formed in early 2007 by mothers dissatisfied with the Maternity Care System in Ireland . Our goal is to highlight and campaign for normal birth and mother-friendly birth practices which are supported by evidence-based research and international best practice. As well as our campaigning work, we offer independent, confidential support and information on maternity choices and care to women and their families. Our day to day contact with service users, consumer interest groups and healthcare practitioners helps us stay informed of key issues in maternity care and services which we can directly feedback to service providers, media, HSE and Government in an effort to improve maternity services on a local and national level. For confidential support or information, you can contact us at or Thank You AIMS Ireland Supporting Women, Promoting Change
8 March 2009 Citizens Information A really useful link for information on Social Welfare, Employment, Tax, Education & Training, Rights, Grants for School Books etc. In these uncertain times, it is brimming with helpful information on all aspects of your life.

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