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Most embarrassing moment...share yours

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Most embarrassing moment...share yours

Postby Sabbi » Sat Jan 06, 2018 2:04 pm

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Ok, so its January and its miserable. We are all skint, cold, tired and not in the mood for going back to work/school. So I thought we might start a funny thread and share some funny embarrassing moments you've had.

I'll start off....

Ok, so I was working in a chipper at weekends while I was in college. I had been working there for 4 years (through secondary school and into college) and I knew most of the customers by that stage. Every weekend, late on Saturday nights, a local barman would come in and get food for the staff of the bar next door. I had a big crush on him but was too geeky and shy to do anything about it. (I was 18 at the time). So anyway, each week he came in and I would swoon over him and all the gals I worked with knew I fancied him like mad so they always let me serve him. Then, one week as he was paying for the food he asked me, 'Hey, can I have your phone number'!! Oh my God, I was overjoyed, I was so excited, I was blushing like mad but delighted with myself. Just as I was about to give the number he continued with 'Yep, it will be handy to have the phone number for the chipper so we can ring in our Saturday order and I won't have to wait here so long for it' :roll:

Oh the shame....he didn't want my number at all but the number for the flipping chipper so he could ring the order in ahead of time and not have to stand there (with me gawking at him) waiting on it. :?

Needless to say, my colleagues (still some of my best friends today) all fell around the place laughing while I had to suddenly go into the kitchen for 'something' i.e. to hide my shameful face!!!! :oops:

Go on gals, share your mortifying moments!! :P

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