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I need to vent

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I need to vent

Postby Haileysmum » Fri May 19, 2017 12:13 pm

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Christ where do i start.....

I just feel that a lot is going wrong at the moment and i am at a loss as to what to do to help the situation...

Hailey has a long standing health issue that we thought we were finally going to get a handle on by going on medication but she had every bad side effect going and Dr told us to take her off it so we are back to square one :(

My Dad had surgery this week to remove a carcinoma on his face.He had skin cancer a few years back and now unfortunately he has it again.

A kid that i babysat who lived 2 doors down from me when i was growing up killed himself, its just so unbelievably sad and my heart is just broken for his poor parents- the funeral was gut wretchingly sad.

Totally understaffed in work and trying to do 2 extra peoples work load as well as my own.

Generally am just wrecked mentally and emotionally and needed to let it out somewhere. i know people are going through worse things right now and in the grand scheme of things i should just get a grip- but just having a bad day :(

Re: I need to vent

Postby allyj » Sun May 21, 2017 6:56 pm

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You are right to vent and let it out, cos sometimes that's about all ya can do. Hope life gets easier for you soon. Xxx

Re: I need to vent

Postby Sabbi » Mon May 22, 2017 12:20 pm

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That sounds like a bucket full of worry and sadness.

Poor Hailey - every time you think you are moving forward something like this happens and you feel like you're back to square one. Poor little chicken, I hope they can find some other medication that will help her.

That is absolutely awful about the child you used to babysit, what age was he? I think there is a major problem with teens and young adults in Ireland. They are scrutinized all the time, at school, online, by friends etc and it can just get too much for them. Our son is 14 and we try to protect him as much as we can but honestly, sometimes I know he is seeing things he shouldn't be seeing. Its very worrying.

Could you take a day off soon? Maybe have a lie in, go for a walk, get your hair done, stop for a long coffee somewhere - just take a bit of time for yourself?

My Grandad and uncle both had skin cancer and after surgery, they both recovered and got over it so I am hoping and praying it will be the same for your Dad.

Sending you a virtual hug. xxx

Re: I need to vent

Postby Haileysmum » Wed May 24, 2017 7:20 pm

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Sabbi, the guy who killed himself was late twenties, he had had some troubles in life but no one knew he was feeling down it was a major shock for his family and friends and I honestly think that they will never get over it, I mean no one should have to bury their child it just goes completely against the way the world should work.

no chance unfortunately to take time off work as my annual leave is pretty tight for the rest of the year and I need to keep some days by for Haileys hospital appointments.

ill muddle through I always do just a bit fed up of the sadness and stress at the moment, thanks for your replies

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