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Religion expensive at this time of year!!!!

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Religion expensive at this time of year!!!!

Postby Sabbi » Fri Sep 12, 2014 8:35 am

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So we are still coping with all the back to school costs and now we have been informed that religion classes need to be paid for by next week and I just don't know where we are getting the money from?

We let our children decide for themselves if they want to make their Communion, Confirmation etc and they know if they want to they need to go to classes each week after school, so it is a big commitment. Both of them have decided that they definitely want to do it so we need to pay for it.

Its our 11 year old son and 7 year old daughter who are due to start Catholic classes next week in preparation for their Communion and Confirmation.

Normally they start these classes in October - which gives us parents a chance to get all the other stuff paid for - but this year, they are starting the classes on 16th Sep and we have to pay €70 each per child for religion and €100 each per child for the homework club that they have to go to before the classes. So its going to cost us €340 to pay for their religion classes!!

I think its really unfair that this is due to paid on September when we are still recovering from paying everything else that is school related.

It was my birthday last week and we never even went out for so much a drink because everything is being spent on the kids this month. I don't mind too much really about the birthday but I just feel these Religion costs are a bit too much of an expense in September.

Just fed up with paying so much for back to school and now Religion classes on top of it. So skint..... :(

Re: Religion expensive at this time of year!!!!

Postby mammycool » Fri Sep 12, 2014 3:48 pm

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I have to say I am stunned!! Is this a non-catholic school and you have to go elsewhere for Religion? What on earth are they doing for homework???

My ds is in 2nd class and will be making his first communion this year as well. Religion is taught in school and they have a little workbook. Homework is usually a little page that you have to colour in and maybe say when you felt love or something like that. So far, in the two weeks back, I think he got one page of Religion homework.

In saying that, I think there is more emphasis this year on Religion - so they probably spend a bit of time each day learning their prayers or a hymn or two.

Re: Religion expensive at this time of year!!!!

Postby Fabienne » Fri Sep 12, 2014 5:03 pm

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The homework club is optional after school, but because the religion class starts 45 min after the school finish either you put your child in the afterschool club and pay for it so the child can stay in the school until religion class starts, or you have to collect your child, no really have time to go back home then have to be back in the school for the religion.
I don't know why religion is not done just after school.

But yes they should maybe be more considerate, as religion is a commitment, and start the classe in september if they want to but take payment the following month.

In term of extra expense so early in the year, my child class is going on a school tour next week that needs to be paid before. Do they not realised that september with all the activities, religion.... that needs to be paid via the school (so they see it) it's plenty of expenses already why add a school tour.

But I agree with you Sabbi, no time for the wallet to get a cent in that 2 are out, very expensive time of the year.

French teacher,

Re: Religion expensive at this time of year!!!!

Postby Haileysmum » Sat Sep 13, 2014 8:54 am

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Happy Belated Birthday Sabbi :D

I am not catholic so never had to pay for religion classes so cant add to the debate really apart from to say it seems very expensive and i would have thought that with all the scandals in recent years they would be providing the service for free.

Re: Religion expensive at this time of year!!!!

Postby Sabbi » Sat Sep 13, 2014 3:22 pm

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We paid for the school tour too! Its all money money money!!!!

I wish it could be on straight after school on a Tuesday, its so unfair we have to pay for homework club. And we do have to because our kids would not be home on the bus in time for us to get them back there for 3.15pm

GRRRR!!!!!! :evil:

Re: Religion expensive at this time of year!!!!

Postby Sabbi » Sun Sep 14, 2014 12:44 pm

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I emailed the school to ask if they can consider putting the classes on straight after school so we would not have to pay for homework club too - good idea Fabienne!

Maybe next year they'll consider this.

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