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Le Cheile or gaelscoil an bhradain feasa

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Le Cheile or gaelscoil an bhradain feasa

Postby laura » Wed Feb 12, 2014 10:22 am

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hi guys,

im looking for a bit of feedback on people who have kiddies in these 2 schools. My son is due to start school next september and he has been offered a place in both of these schools which were the top 2 in my list.

I have heard good reviews on both, but finding it very hard to make a decision.

I'm Spanish, and even though I'm very academical and I will be the main person helping my son with his homework, I do not speak any Irish.

any feedback is very welcome :)

Re: Le Cheile or gaelscoil an bhradain feasa

Postby Sabbi » Wed Feb 12, 2014 11:41 am

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Our kids are in the Gaelscoil and we are very happy with our choice. The teachers are excellent, the principal is a very inspirational woman, her ethos towards teaching is really fantastic. The teachers are approachable and the children call them by their first names and it makes for a more informal environment - which allows the children to be more open IMO.

They do plenty of exercise, learn music & dance as part of their schooling and do loads of environmental stuff, like planting trees, flowers and looking after hens and chickens. They even sell eggs at the school on a Friday :D

Academically, our children are all doing really well in this school. Their maths, reading and writing abilities are excellent and they learn cursive writing from a young age which gives them an even better grasp on writing well.

We could not be happier. Highly recommend :D

Re: Le Cheile or gaelscoil an bhradain feasa

Postby Fabienne » Wed Feb 12, 2014 5:12 pm

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My kids are in the gaelscoil (same levels) as Sabbi's.
I second everything she said.

I'm french and so is my husband, so none of us have a word of Irish (my husband has now some word but nothing compare to what needed and what our children are using), not once it was an issue for us or our children. As well school is easy to contact and they'll help.
End of year school report is in Irish only, but they give it over a week before end of year (some school will post it over the summer). The school available for appointments if help needed to understand and translate.

I now use my daughter who translate it for us (hers and her brother's, she's got the patience to do it, both can do it). You have google translate that I discovered last year only it's now the 6th year since my eldest started in the schoool, never even thought of google translate as school so good, no need for it.
You end up in the school yard saying few words with Munteoir (Teacher) in Irish, leave and then realised you had a brief conversation in Irish that you did UNDERSTAND completly and no Irish. They are so good to make themselves understood it's so amazing.
There is more and more families where none of the parents have Irish and never heard anyone finding it an issue.

I heard good things about Le Cheile also, but still gaelscoil is number one for our family.

Difficult to choose, but in your heart you'll know what's best for you.
Both school proppose afterschool clubs.

The small issues I have with the Gaelscoil are very small and nothing to do with education or children well been.

Let us know what you decide.

French teacher,

Re: Le Cheile or gaelscoil an bhradain feasa

Postby chewieodie » Thu Feb 13, 2014 9:11 am

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Yup, another Gaelscoil Mom here.... and I second everything said already. I have two kids there, a girl and boy... and they are doing incredibly well. With regards to the Irish..... both hubbie and I are foreigners.... as are a lot of parents at the school..... we don't have a word of Irish between us. BUT, as your little one starts school they learn words every day, and when they start bringing homework... you slowly learn with them, or at least thats what I've found.

I am still very hesitant to use my few words....(with the teachers.... ) but that is just due to sheer confidence on my part. They are very very supportive, all the teachers are young and fun and for me the fact that music is very much a part of their schooling makes me very happy. Music aligned with learning is a wonderful way for a child to learn... and helps them in so many other areas of their lives.

I have friends in Le Cheile, and they too are very happy with the school. I haven't heard a bad thing said about it, so I think that either way you go, you'll be making a good decision.

Looking back.... (my son is in 2nd class and my daughter is in 1st class)... it was the best decision we could have made. Our kids are happy, and so are we.
Angels surround us... ;)

Re: Le Cheile or gaelscoil an bhradain feasa

Postby Taylor5 » Wed Feb 19, 2014 3:11 pm

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Hi Laura, hi Gaelscoil girls

I spoke to your before Laura about Le Cheile and I know lots of mammies with children in the gaelscoil, I couldnt fault either school.
I couldnt be happier with my choice to send my boys to Le Cheile, the children are all happy, the teachers know every childs name in the school and every moms name (I dont know how they do it) There is an optional uniform (the odd junior infant or senior infant wears a uniform) children can wear jean, tracksuits, you name it.... in the summer they can go in in shorts and t shirts.
If children want to wear a uniform other then the school issue one they can, some little girls have green, grey or navy uniforms.
My youngest started in September, she HATED play school and did no work at all, he now loves school, he asks for extra school work and even wanted to go to school over the xmas holidays to see his teacher.
They are two great schools and whatever one you pick im sure you will be happy. There is a huge waiting list for Le Cheile and you dont get a waiting list for nothing, if you dont take the place someone else will be delighted to. But i would ask that you do make your choice soon and in fairness to others dont hold the two spaces over the summer.
Visit both school and go with your heart, dont let the Irish be an issue as the girls above said they didnt have a word of Irish starting out.
Be strong be different!

Re: Le Cheile or gaelscoil an bhradain feasa

Postby Sabbi » Wed Feb 19, 2014 4:35 pm

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I think they are both great schools, we hear good reports on Le Cheile all the time and we are very happy with the Gaelscoil.

We are very happy with our choice and I reckon your little guy will be happy in either one, whichever one you pick.

If you are not sure, maybe see if you can have a look around each school or attend an open day??

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