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Pilate's classes at BodyRight

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Pilate's classes at BodyRight

Postby Bodyrightphysio » Thu Nov 25, 2010 2:40 pm

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At BodyRight we teach modified Pilates, which is an exercise system that strengthens the core muscles of the Spine, Pelvis and Shoulder area and is taught only be Chartered Physiotherapists.

Our classes are proven to help with; muscle & joint pain, muscle imblance & tension, improving posture, better strength & flexibility, toning your body without adding bulk, improving sports performance and strengthening the pelvic floor area (ideal for mum's-to-be or new mum's).

To join a class all new participants are first assessed by one of our chartered physio's to determin which type of class will suit best.

There are a maximum of 7 participants per class so the physiotherapists can tailor exercises to your needs.

Classes are run in terms, usually 7 weeks long and it is possible to do more than 1 class per week at reduced rates.

At BodyRight we run classes 6 days a week from morning to evening so we can find a time and level that suits you.
Beginners / Intermediate / Advanced
Pregnancy Pilates
Mother and Baby Pilates
Over 60's Class
Men's Pilates
Sports performance classes

All equipment is provided, just wear something comfortable and keep hydrated :D

Contact us on 041 9843950
or visit:

Im happy to answer any questions you may have???

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