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5 Different belt styles for women

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5 Different belt styles for women

Postby womay1963 » Tue Nov 15, 2016 7:46 am

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Skinny belts and wide belts are the two basic types of belts. Between these two types of women’s belts there is a range of exciting belt styles. At Boutiqueken we have different styles and types of belts for women for sale. Here are a few of the styles available at our online shop.

Both wide belts and women’s skinny belts are often worn around the natural waist. But they are also worn with high waisted skirts below the bodice or around the hips. Contour waist belts are one of the nicest belts to wear because the contour of the belt fits the shape of your body. These belts are very comfortable and they hide that excess weight you were trying to get rid of.

To accentuate your waist elastic waist belts are the obvious choice. Stretch belts, like contour waist belts, are also very comfortable to wear. Elastic belts are worn in your natural waistline or at the empiric waist, just below your bodice. If you are looking for curves, then wear elasticated belts.

Wide belts are fashionable and trendy. Womens’ western belts are generally wide leather belts with decorative belt buckles. These belts are worn as waist belts or hip belts. Wide belts are made from various materials and trimmings. For dramatic flair a rhinestone designers belt will give you the vivid finishing touch.

Chain belts can be worn by anyone; it fits all different body shapes and sizes. Chain belts for women are worn as waist belts and purely for decorative purposes. Chain belts and skinny belts are not worn tightly around your waist. Used wisely a women’s skinny belt can add the colorful contrast in a tasteful manner. For the subtler stylish look, wear a silver belt or black skinny belt with your dress or suit.

For the perfect belt style, visit our online shop and spoil yourself with a new ladies’ belt.

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