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Try something different....

Founded in 2010 after extensive research and product design, sásta Fitness Franchise is an Irish company which is taking the fitness world by storm. sásta is a patented treadmill based fitness pod which uses vacuum technology. The pod is only available in sásta studios, small, non-intimidating and welcoming studios, full of encouragement and positivity.

Try something different....

Postby Sabbi » Wed Jan 06, 2016 12:00 am

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Some of you may remember a certain nightclub in Dublin when you hear the word 'Pod' but at sásta, the Pod means something else entirely!!!!

The pod is like a treadmill but you are strapped into it from the waist down and while you walk or run, there is a vacuum inside which makes you sweat your socks off.

It is endorsed by Dr Niall Moyna (the doctor who does the fitness assessments on Operation Transformation).

My hubby and I have been at it for over a year and we both lost a good amount of weight and even with an injury each at the moment, we've been still able to do the pod and body sculpting to keep the weight down.

We've been a bit lazy over Christmas so getting back into it tomorrow and honestly, cannot wait.

My body needs to get moving after all the lazy days and alcohol and sweets over the Christmas.

Roll on tomorrow morning - granola for breakfast and then a good run on the pod. If anyone fancies trying it out, you can get a free trial. Just give them a call and they'll book you in.

Highly recommend! See: ... gheda.aspx
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Re: Try something different....

Postby Sabbi » Wed Jan 06, 2016 12:05 am

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and you can get a look at it here on this video from TV3 Midday - ... 4/?theater

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