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Zaggora Hotpants to be won!!

Founded in 2010 after extensive research and product design, sásta Fitness Franchise is an Irish company which is taking the fitness world by storm. sásta is a patented treadmill based fitness pod which uses vacuum technology. The pod is only available in sásta studios, small, non-intimidating and welcoming studios, full of encouragement and positivity.

Zaggora Hotpants to be won!!

Postby admin » Fri Aug 17, 2012 5:42 pm

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To be in with a chance to win a pair of fantastic Zaggora Hotpants for encouraging weight loss while exercising, simply email us the answer the below question to

How many Facebook fans does Zaggora have:

We gave Zaggora hotpants to some Mumstown mums to review and they really liked them - here is what they said about them:

Zagorra Capri Flares, review from Christine, Mumstown member:

I was a bit doubtful at first but can’t believe that after wearing my Zogorra Capri Flares for two weeks I really did notice a change and so did my friends! I wore them while doing Pilates, walking and I also wore them while doing the house work! The first time I tried them on I loved the way they held all my bits in, and also a big plus is that they come up high over your waist, making them really comfortable to wear! After I got used to the swoosh sound that they made I was hooked.
The material reminded me of a wetsuit, but don’t let that put you off, they are so easy to put on, and are really comfortable, they really get you sweating, but not in an uncomfortable way. I loved the length and I'm sure that during the coming months when it gets a bit cooler they will keep me nice and warm while out walking. The only downside is they are hand wash only and take a while to dry. I was tempted to put them on a hand wash cycle in the washing machine, not sure if anyone has tried this and what the results would be?

Zaggora Capri Flares, review from Sabrina, Mumstown member:
Absolutely loving my Zaggora pants. Already feel firmer after 3 weeks and I would highly recommend them. As a fulltime mum and zumba instructor @ Curves, I love wearing them for my classes and for when I am out rollerblading down the coast near where I live. They are really helping me tone up after having my daughter, especially around my belly area. I think they are great for mums.

Zaggora hotpants, review by Siobhán, owner
I really enjoyed the Zaggora hotpants. They are comfy to wear and really, really make you sweat! I lost a good inch off my waist in the past 2 weeks so a big thumbs up from me. The only little issue I had with them was if I needed to pee halfway through a workout due to the sweatiness of my legs and belly area (yuk, I know!) they were a tad awkward to pull back up and I would sometimes get a little air bubble in them afterwards. So I would say to women wearing them, make sure you pee before you work out! Definitely recommend!

Re: Zaggora Hotpants to be won!!

Postby admin » Wed Aug 22, 2012 4:23 pm

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Great response to this one - lots of you mammies want to try these for your waistlines it seems! We'll run it for a few more days and pull out the winners on Friday!

Good luck everyone. :D

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